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That's right! What you're looking at could very well be the most awesome thing that has ever existed! Let alone, the most memorable product of creation in the known and unknown duration of all time and space!


This... is Lord Gavin Games!


All that aside, please enjoy this showcase of my works. I have downloadable games, videos, music, artwork, writing, and more, all of which are products of my awesomeness and plain enjoyment! What could be better, right!?


Feel free to browse around, and enjoy your stay!



Additional News!

Where Further Awesomeness Is Found!

I just released a new Lord Gavin Game today, being "My Only". Be sure to check it out; especially if you enjoy horror games.


Beyond that, I've begun conceiving ideas for another series of games I'm going to attempt to make over the next long while. Tune into updates on GameJolt and my YouTube channel for more information on that as it comes. Koopa Kid is still active, though receiving no attention as of this point.


My channel has been regularly uploading videos (mostly play-throughs) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a while now. Be sure to check them out as they come.


My novel has been a slow work for a while now. It isn't abandoned, but it's just not my focus right now. Be sure to check it out on my Deviant Art page, if you're interested.


Currently, no plans for any remixes or any of my other activities.

Latest News!

As of: June 27th, 2013

New LordGavinGame!


"My Only" has just been released! Check it out under the "Games" tab!

Video Game Updates!


Regular updates concerning my games are being released regularly! Check out more under the "Videos" tab!

Novel Progress!


Currently writing my first novel, "Shadow of the Eclipse"! Check it out under "Artwork" tab!

LGGames Remix!


New remixes added! Check out the "LGGames Remix" playlist under the "Video" tab!

Play-Through Videos!


Random video game play-through videos added randomly! Be sure to check them out under the "Video" tab!

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