Robot Dogs Vs Skeletons

Fight off the undead horde as you navigate through the ever-changing caverns of Kal-Briden!


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do battle with the undead.


The galactic supply of "Material 82" is regularly mined from a distant, previously life-supporting moon named "Kal-Briden". No other known supplies of these crystals has been found, nor can they be fabricated. They're greatly valuable in their purpose of laser refraction for interstellar vehicles. Yet, the unthinkable has occurred! The remains of the once living beings of the planet have reanimated and are out on a violent rampage through the mine. You are the mining installation's retrieval units; the robot dogs. Your job is the retrieve every piece of "Material 82" you can find from the mines and return to the surface in one piece. Be warned though, that the skeletons will be chasing you relentlessly.

Created: September 12th, 2011

Last Updated: October 6th, 2011




High Score Board

Where The Followers Do Battle


Unlockable Content Guide

Where The Lord Guides Your Hand Towards Awesomeness

Here is a list containing all the secrets, cheats, and unlockables for the game.

Note: Once these have been unlocked, you will retain them, so long as your game file remains unimpaired.


Unlockable Content Requirements
"Crazy Car Conundrum" Mini-Game Beat World 1 of Adventure Mode
"Pogo Pod Peril" Mini-Game Beat World 2 of Adventure Mode
"Terrible Tank Terror" Mini-Game Beat World 3 of Adventure Mode
"Tech-Turret Take Down" Mini-Game Beat World 4 of Adventure Mode
"Bone Ball Bonanza" Mini-Game Beat Adventure Mode
LGK-9 (Playable Lord Gavin Colour Scheme) Beat Adventure Mode
Skeleton Mode Beat Adventure Mode with LGK-9


Level Select Code:


In order to perform the Level Select Code, you first must beat Adventure Mode. Once you have, go to the main menu and press and hold the right arrow key. After a couple seconds, a sound will play and numbers will appear above the Adventure Mode button. Use the mouse to select the number of the world you wish to start on and press the Adventure Mode button to play.


Note: Using this code will not enable you to collect any content achieved by beating the game.


Secret Achievement 21 - "Shadow Of The Eclipse"


To obtain the secret, 21st achievement, "Shadow Of The Eclipse", you must go to a World 4 stage (the green stage. Boss stage for this world will also work) while playing as either LGK-9 or Sacral. While playing the stage, press the Delete key. You'll see Lord Gavin appear and say "That's Lord Gavin to you" before disappearing. You'll gain the achievement then.


Note: This trick can be done once per stage.

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