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Here you'll find all the download links and information pages relating to any games created by Gavin MacLean and Lord Gavin Games. Bellow are links to all available works and current projects. Feel free to browser, download, and have fun.

Game Library:

Complete Games, Ready To Download And Play

"The Angry Video Game Nerd: Game Over 2"

Take on Lord Gavin as the angriest gamer there ever was!



"The Curse Of The Tails Doll 2"

Chase down Dr. Eggman as you fight off the dreaded Tail Doll!



"Deadly Danger Dungeon"

Help Mario avoid the dangerous perils of Deadly Danger Dungeon!




Enter cyberspace and escape the Kilobyte!



"Metroid: Breach"

Swerve through the containment facility and evade the deadly Ice Beam projectiles!



"My Only"

Explore your past and choose your fate!



"Rail Gunners"

Take control of your Rail Gunner and blast down those evil R.A.U!



"Robot Dogs Vs Skeletons"

Fight off the undead horde as you navigate the ever-changing caverns of Kal-Briden!



"Role Playing Colosseum: Richalvarez Edition"

Pick your favorite fighter and duke it out in this simply, turn-based fighter!



"Super Aerial Bros."

Fire Mario out of a cannon and survive the relentless, aerial barrage!


Latest News!

As of: June 27th, 2013

New LordGavinGame!


"My Only" has just been released! Check it out under the "Games" tab!

Video Game Updates!


Regular updates concerning my games are being released regularly! Check out more under the "Videos" tab!

Novel Progress!


Currently writing my first novel, "Shadow of the Eclipse"! Check it out under "Artwork" tab!

LGGames Remix!


New remixes added! Check out the "LGGames Remix" playlist under the "Video" tab!

Play-Through Videos!


Random video game play-through videos added randomly! Be sure to check them out under the "Video" tab!

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